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Classic silver fly stud earrings. Original design created by me. Amethyst eyes, body of the fly aprox. 17x10mm. Can be custom made with different precious or semyprecious stones of your choise.


Fly motive is the one that has been used over and over in art and jewelry since the ancient times. In Egypt, as long as 3500 BC ago flies represented courage and tenacity, protected bearer against misfortune and disease. Romans used the fly to show divine presence. In Victorian jewelry insects were nature's go-betweens entrusted with often romantic message. In modern culture fly is associated with Surrealist movement where it was the symbol of psychoanalysis - a recording witness of mind flow. In our Postmodernist era the motive is making it's come back as the symbol of mindfulness or being present in the moment, combining reactive buzzing intelligence with quiet and observant presence. It is also believed, that image of the fly serves an amulet function against the evil eye


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