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Anita Arbidāne

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I am an artist from Riga, Latvia.


My past and I suppose my future artistic endeavours are based on genuine interest for realistic painting. Already in the Janis Rosentals Riga Art college my creativity was strongly influenced by Realism. After, in the Latvian academy of fine arts my style developed, became more personal and the desire to follow my own artistic path grew stronger. Vision, idea, form and colour – these are things which drive my creative process. In my works I try to be as true as possible to the character of the things that I paint, therefore sincerity is the quality that I appreciate the most in a good painting.

My workshop is my sanctuary. Here, between oil paints, brushes and art books, I can truly feel in peace with myself.  I meet inspiration only while I’m working, the beautiful feeling when creative process takes over and all I need to do is just follow it and paint.

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