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Art Jewelry Musha


  The ArtJewelryMusha line is dedicated to my love for miniature painting and beautiful things. After years of collecting interesting and antique jewelry I finally decided to create my own jewelry project. I tried to put two of my obsessions together and make a wearable art collection.  As a result, hand-painted original miniatures were set in silver and garnished with precious and semi precious stones. 
Miniature artwork ideas are executed in the traditional oil painting technique on the Mother of Pearl cabochons and varnished with resin for durability. Motives, design and paintigs are created by me and in collaboration with artist Vladimir Avramenko. They are all one of a kind original hand-painted and handmade artworks. 
  The inspiration for the Collection comes from the artisan jewelry of the Victorian Era, Art Deco style as well as the Surrealist and the Dadaist movements. Because of such unique fusion of styles the imagery of MUSHA is clean, realistic, at the same time it is charged with symbolism and humor. 
A fly is a common element, which ties the whole collection together. Historically, fly is a symbol of artistic presence - it is a buzzing witness of human existence. In the past artists have often used the image of a tiny insect to show off their skills, and even placed it proudly instead of their signature.
MUSHA is a creative reaction to everything mass-produced and dull. Each piece is original, handmade and one of a kind. The painted subjects are there to attract attention and start conversations.



"Kiss my brooch" by ArtJewelryMusha

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